New Stock for this Autumn and Winter 2013 -14

An old gold Ostrich cape is on its way and have been asked many times  for a full length white fur coat. So I manages to get one this week and its on its way. Photo below

F01 Absolutely stunning White Ostrich Feather stole.

White, Ivory and Dk Silver

72" long and 11" wide  
Never stops moving when your outside or in a warm room.
want to get noticed.     I think it is    absolutely stunning

Back of F 01

These can be hired £70 pounds

Or purchased for £250 pounds

You can choose a different   colour if require.to buy

Email for further details

F 02

Grey Ostrich Cape



No   F  03

 Off White Ostrich Stole             

Ostrich feather stole

40.00 hire fee

Postage 16.50 Special/Del

More Ostrich will be available later

          Size Small -Med

    Hire charge 40 pounds
      Postage 16 pounds



              NO F5


NO F6 

Silver Ostrich Cape


              No F7

White/Ivory Ostrich stole

         Sm....Med Size

but has a fastening that is Diamante and adjustable

 Hire Charge 45 pounds
 with 8.25 postage both ways

A beautiful Old Gold waiting to add when here

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