This is the Coloured Fox Furs for various even

Platinum fur, popular in the 30's and 40's and it has now moved forward to today's beautiful and stunningly gorgeous examples I have managed to acquire.

Below is Platinum Fox

A page that contains............. Platinum Fox

         No 31
                                   Platinum Fox Stole

        Any Size

   Hire   £75.00.
Plus £20.00 post and packing x 2

        No 32
       Platinum Fox

                  Size 10 - 14

  76" long & 13" wide

            Hire is £75.00


         No 33
  Platinum Fox Stole

           Any Size

       Hire is £75.00


       No 34

     Silver Fox Fur
          Any size

         Cost to hire


         No 35
    Beautiful Platinum 

         £20.00 for post and packing x 



                     No 36
   Large Platinum Fox

                   Any Size

      £75.00 cost

Plus £20.00 for packing and posting x 2


           No 37

          To follow


         No 38

Is being replaces   on 10th Feb.


No 39



                  No 40

    Platinum Fox

          90" long

        Hire Charge 


Marilyn wearing one the same as 36 and another example of my favorite Fox fur 

Platinum Fox


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