This is our page that displays the NEW Feathers that have been added to our selection for the period 2017- 2018.
We hope you like them and will keep yourself up to date as and when they are added.
I hope to add more feathers for the later in 2017.






This is O.F. 1

An   Ivory         Ostrich              Feather Stole

  size 6 to 8.

36" long round   your arms

    £55.00 p.w.

 This is O.F. 1

A Enormous Stole

   Size  Any size

Cost £100 p.w

As you can see worn off one shoulder as the second picture depicts.

A Mongolian Lamb No 4


Plus Posting

This is O.F 2
Warm Cream Silk Stole

 A size 10 to 12

 40" round arms

£65pw p.w


 No 6    

 A Silvery
Mink Coat

     Size 10 12

   £100 p.w.

      Postage extra on this item

        N0  7

 Silver Chevron
   Mink Jacket

    Size 10-12



   This is No 8

 Blue Chevron

    Fox Jacket

Size 12

Cost £85 pw

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