II will continue this selection but have had very little interest as people know they   are very small


These two furs are a 6-8

in size. This first one is a Ivory with a taupe/pale coffee stripe
I have one with a rounded end as well.

Number 13 can cross over in the front but it is just a hire one as is number 24 that is a small white one

Second mink is a small clock type, in a ivory/ champagne colour.

It is has a small stripe and rounded detail on the front

Nappa Leather Gloves.
These are going to be in three lengths wrist, half arm and full length Opera Gloves.
They will be cleaned and ready in 3 or 4 sizes.
Available in White, Ivory, Cream, Nude, Brown and Black.
They are vintage with buttons on the inside of the wrist.
I hope these will come in handy to wear with the Furs.
If a special colour is required you can contact me

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