This page contains all the Minks in the collection. They are suitable for all occasions, or events. I have tried to cover all the options. Waiting for a couple of Silver Minks
This is  Stole11
A most beautiful Ivory Cream Mink of a huge flowing soft one off piece.
£65 plus £20 postage total £85

Measurements is Med -Large
63" round the top edge
84" around the bottom edge
23" length of back.
31" length of front

This is a Stole, very soft with a collar. It once again is a Med in size
Length is 
Shoulders  across  NA
Overall Length Size 10
This has lovely back it is off White/Cream

The cost to Hire this Stole is £55 + £ 20 which covers the 2 way Postage and Insurance The Hire period is 7 days approx.
Total = £75

  This is Stole13
  A Beautiful Ivory cropped         Stole. Can be worn like this with   Fur Clips if you are 14 16 or perhap18. Size 10 or 12 you would cross over an secure with a vintage Brooch.
To Hire this is £55
with £20 return postage
You will not be worrying about when your item might get to you, as it will arrive next day between 9am and !pm.This is the same for all Furs


This is Stole 14

This is a very pale Ivory Stole, The Size is a Med to Large 14 - 20

The price to Hire this stunning Mink is £55 with the two way Postage is £20
£75 inclusive


This is Stole 15 

A beautiful Azureen colour which is just off White with a Silver band that goes through the Natural pelt.The size is a med to lg     14--18

The Back is 20" Front 23"
It is a stunning stole £55 with two way Postage £20 with Insurance for the Value of the Stole        

Total £75

          No 16

The Hire fee for this stole is

                                                                This is a real plush light Ivory  very
near to white  

Posting is £20 for both ways

It it quite rare over here so it was purchased in the USA

Total £80

 No 17
A very rare colour being Silver Mink
Measurements to follow size 12 - 16
£55 for Hire with £20 postage
Total £75




This Fur is for Sale

          No 18

 Ivory Mink Stole is now a 

Cape and  a Size 10 -14

The Price is £55 to hire and

£20 for two way postage

Total £75


   This Fur is for sale

             No 19

   Large  Mink Jacket Hire

       Charge is £55

With £10 both ways = £20

          £75.00 in total

With £20 shipping cost both ways

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