This is the Page 1 of our Wedding Minks

They come in beautiful Cream, White and Ivory

Each fur is subject to a Hire and Postage charge of £10 

Each way so that is £20 for Special Next Morning

Deliver between 9am and 1 pm which includes

Insurance during posting out and return post.
             Hire Charges given below.

         No 11

 Beautiful Cream Mink

  Multi sized  10 - 18

     Cost of this Stole


 No 12 has SOLD
 This is No 12 A        my  replacement     
An Ivory Mink 
       Jacket with
    Sparkly buttons                                                              
this fur is a size 12 and hire cost is £65.00


Cost for this stole    

   Stole No 13
    Ivory Mink    

  This Stole is a  Size 
        10, 12 or a 14.


  Cost for this Stole Hire


          No 14 

 This Stole is a very pale Mink and a Size 16

    Cost for this Stole 

         £ 65.00 


       No 15
      Silver/White                                Azureen
      Size 14 -16


Cost of this hire is


        No 16  

      Very White Mink      

    Approx a Size 16


     £60.00 Cost


          No 17

       Silver Mink Stole
           is a size 12

      Cost for this Stole


          No 18
  A really good idea for
     pure white dresses

     Silver Mink            

The cost for this fur hire
       £ 60.00

         No 19

    OUR PURE     WHITE MINK       

         Hire Charge


     Fur No 20
Replacement coming

Silver Grey Mink

    With Sleeves

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