This page is for the coloured foxes and capes, something a bit different as, I do try not to buy the usual ones you might see.
No 41
Silver Fox Stole

Hire charge 40.00

Postage x 2 16.50         

   No 42
White with Grey tips Fox Cape
Postage x 2  £20 Moved to Fox 1 page




 No 43
Red Fox Cape
Hire 55.00 pounds
Postage x 2 16.50
Legs to be removed

No 44
Huge Silver Fox

Hire is 50 pounds
20 pounds shipping

No 45
Baby Blue Fox Stole
Hire charge 45.00

Postage both ways £20

Time to buy
100.00 pounds

Red Crystal Fox

Marilyn loved
Pastel and White
Fox Furs.
She always liked

colourful Minks
I keep a look out for Pink and Pastel Green

              No 47
9" down the back up to a size
Pink Fox Stole
Cost to hire 45.00
Plus £20

for Dual Postage

      No 48

White Fox Jacket
Wow a real 70's  power jacket
Padded Shoulders Hire Charge 65.00
Shipping to be arranged
Size 14 so Size10 and 12 would fit fine

Fur No 49

Genuine Golden Fox Fur
Med to Large
Hire Charge
45 pounds

Postage 20.00

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