This is page 2  is for a discerning wearer as they are just a bit unusual.
No 31 is termed as the rare and most expensive.
This colour comes blended with either silver fox or the colour of this fox, called Platinum
I prefer the more muted variation, but I have offered a comprehensive selection.
Post on each of these items is 20 pounds



                  Stole No 31

        Silver Platina/Platinum

           Length 78" x 14"

                £70 Pounds

          Plus £20 postage


            Stole No 32

     Fur a Sliver Crystal
     Cape with Platinum.
Made to look like a jacket

    Hire Charge 60 Pounds

Special Delivery 10.00 x 2

Total £70.00 pounds

will be changing this one


               Stole No 33

   Beautiful Silver Crystal

            72" long  13 wide

        £70 pounds to hire Plus  

               £10 x 2



 I am trying to find a suitable   replacement for this spot

And here it is

        No 34

A stunning example of a stylish Red Fox.

Aquired today for the Christmas


Hire Cost £75.00 plus

  £20.00 posting   total = £95.00

Third picture at the bottom of


        No 35

   Pure Jet Black Fox Stole

          72" long  11" wide

Hire Cost for this lovely item

           £ 60.00 pounds

     With Posting by Special

   Delivery 10.00 pounds X 2

   Total Cost is 80.00 pounds



              No 36

            Black Fox

         Fitted Shoulders

 Hire Charge  £50.00 pounds

 Special Delivery 10.00 x 2

 Total charge is 70.00 pounds



        No 37 Stole
Extra sized 72" x !4"

Silver Crystal platinum Fox

                3 photo's

 £70 pounds to Hire for
         this stunning Fox

      £20.00 Postage

            Total £90

No 37

I saw this colour only once and it was a must have, two more have been added, with the hope of on or two more

Saw one april 1st on ebay £495.00

You can see below that Maz has the taste as me

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