FURS FOR SALE
 If there is something you were hoping to hire please contact me. Lots of new ones for sale on ETSY shop
"Hollywood Weddings" another 10 to add this week.
All these furs are sold on 48 hours approval

     For Sale

          No 1

A beautiful Mink in such an

unusual colour ( near to Lilac)

Multi sized sold through

Saks of 5th Avenue New York

    Price for this item in the  region

         of   £  175 ONO 

           No 2

     Buttermilk Mink 

        size small to med

     £155.00 ono 


                NO 3
          Ivory Wrap/Stole

              Size 14

   Cost for the fur              £160.00

         For Sale


Russet Fox Fur Stole



Silver Grey Fox Stole

       £ 75.00

          Stole No 4

           Size 12

Cost for this Stole
       Top two layer lift up





    Mink Jacket with Cuffs
    £200.00 pounds ONO
               Size Med


           No 5

        3/4 Mink Jacket


     Beautiful Ivory/Tan 
       with taupe stripes


    Price  £200.00 ONO


    This will be added to the lists
  as it is in a smaller size

     Ivory Mink 10 - 14

    Unusual rolled collar



   New No 5

         Size 14
    Blue Fox Jacket  

       Price      £275.00


     Beautifully Soft and Luxurious

                         Fur and Pelts



       For Sale


      Black Mahogany Mink Jacket

       Size 10 -12 with Brown silk                          lining.

      Price is  £ 225.00 ONO

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