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For Sale

  No 2

A beautiful Mink in such an

unusual colour ( near to Lilac)

Multi sized sold through

Saks of 5th Avenue NewYork

    Price for this item in the  region

         of   £  275 ONO 


      IVORY Mink  






        For Sale
    £200.00 pounds ONO
Rare Red Crystal Fox  

        For Sale


Art Deco  Mink large Stole

     Beautiful Ivory  
 with taupe stripes


Price  £195.00 ONO


    This will be added to the lists
  as it is in a smaller size

     Ivory Mink 10 - 14

    Unusual rolled collar





               No 7

 This mink stole is a size 

         8  to 10
    Ivory with taupe stripe   

       Price      £195.00


     Can be worn either way

       For a small person    




      For Sale

       Vintage Chestnut Fox Fur

 Size 10 -12 with Brown silk                 lining.

      Price is  £ 150.00 ONO

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